Queen Anne’s Lace


I keep losing myself like
I’m a pair of keys
And this house keeps falling apart all around me
Weeds growing through the cracks in my garage, the garage with shingles falling off
The pipes leak on every floor
All I see are metaphors
The more I close my eyes the more
I lose my wings
The walls are constantly asking me
Don’t you realize how dangerous it is to hide in your own body
Wrapped in yourself like your Queen Anne’s lace
I can’t breathe in here
But I just keep holding my breath
Apparently air doesn’t want to be in my body either
Is looking for a new home where all the light switches turn on lights
I’m so sick of metaphors
I just want some spark to catch me
Light this whole house on fire
So I no longer worry about metaphors and falling shingles and lost keys


©2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved



i wanted to pursue horizons uninhibited – leave footprints across the skies for all to see as my feet dusted the starry night, night after night

so i cut my hair and collected all the balloons i could find, left the debris of all the pain on your doorstep because i didn’t want it, didn’t need it anymore

and i lifted my hands up to that horizon and offered my arms – scarred like twigs escaping a fire, and inhaled the scent of nothing, of everything, and i could feel my body start to float so freely the angels cried out in relief

so i closed my breath around those stars and i left footprints on your doorstep in that home you no longer occupied, and i soared through the starry night sky, night after night, feet never touching your earth again

©2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved