I almost let you

catapult me

back into

that hot mess of a life

i was living

before you

i almost

let the words you uttered…


everything about you feels amazing 


i like you. a lot too


please don’t give up on me, on us

keep me tangled in you

long enough

to lose me


©2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved



I widdled away

my own flesh and bones

wondering how little of me

was just enough for you

The bravest thing I could do –

offer you my chisel

and let you carve me into

just the right size



© 2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved



You just keep pulling strands of her out of your mouth-

and you never figure out

she’s not a real girl,

made of bones and dreams


she’s stained sheets

drying on the clothes line, waiting

for the wind to stop and

the sun to bleach her clean


she’s a haiku

with too many syllables, waiting

for someone to edit her and rearrange her back

into something beautiful


she’s papier-mache

drying into a piñata, waiting

for the bats to swing, knowing

they will never break her all the way

©2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved