and since it’s all just temporary – does it really matter i can’t tell which way is up with you? i can’t tell if i’m trying to get to the surface to catch my breath, to get away from you or if with you i’m to give in, get pulled down, where my body struggles for enough air as everything around me becomes darker, colder…

and since it’s temporary, does it really matter that i want to do both, that i both crave your hands playing in my hair, crave your shoulder to bite, and hope to never see your mood ring eyes, hope to never watch you watch me again…

but it is so temporary… everything is always so temporary – every fleeting wish, every pitiful plea or schoolgirl sob… so i care nothing about what i should do, care nothing about the pain that lies ahead, care nothing for the boredom that comes from doing what’s right, what’s practical… because it’s all so temporary anyways…


©2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved

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