i’m in love with a life i used to live… and at the time i had no idea how perfect it was. I was trying to escape it, trying to improve it or perhaps simply just alter it, ever so slightly… the way you twirl a crystal in the sun to see all the magnificent rainbow beams dance around your room… that’s what i was trying to do – that’s what i’m always trying to do it seems. i get too distracted by what’s ahead, by what’s not working that i simply miss seeing the slivers of perfection and beauty right in front of me, right in me. and now, with my binders and words and doodles from that time so many moons ago, i realize how much about that life i loved and didn’t know… and i won’t let it bitter me… it sweetens me and softens me and helps me sway in a slow-dance at my sister’s wedding sort of way…

©2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved


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