silly girl


you silly lady – you’re complaining about pining over a fool, when you spent so many nights {and let’s not embarrass you with how many nights exactly} alone and isolated and pretending to hibernate – pretending there was a reason why you disconnected from the world and moving forward…. So now, your heart aches and pines and your head is a mess and you pretend you can’t imagine finding another lover who could make you scream, make you quiver the way he does – because he moves his hips just the way you like and his lips on your mouth and your mouth opening to let his tongue invade you, you give in – you let him in night after night and whenever he calls you say yes… so now, he pulls back and you pretend you are devastated, you pretend you are heartbroken – like his hands are the only ones you’ve ever known to make you ache with the sweet throbbing ache that goes down, down past your thighs… and you know {you think at least} that he knows what he does to you… but truth is … he is just a boy cloaked as a man, and he is in his own sea of pain and confusion and he has no real intention of hurting or deceiving you {because you know he really does like you, maybe he even really cares for you}. so you let the muscles on his arms wrap around you and squeeze you – and you think, you silly, silly girl, you think the strength you feel is his confidence, not his insecurity, so you give into him – you crave him like an ice cream cone in July… and you are willing to let him dictate your feelings and your moods – when he is the one with mood ring eyes and you are the one holding the snow globe….

©2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved


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