I’m not sure how else to describe what happened other than sheer luck –

you were supposed to meet me outside by the old tree – the one with leaves on only half of it’s branches-  you know the one – it’s right by the fence line and even with such sporadic leaves, it always provided us with enough shade in the summers. We’d sit under that tree and we’d get lost in future tales and not even be bothered by sweat beads hanging around our brows and foreheads.

so… you were supposed to meet me there, and for some reason we were both late – well that’s normal for me, but never for you, which, yes I know, some consider it a sign of rudeness and a metaphor for how one cares for others (but again, I disagree with that philosophy). Anyways, I was running my usual 10-12 minutes late, and you – frantic because you were almost 5 minutes late, neither of us were there when it happened.

Some might say it was God’s divine intervention, others maybe just call being lucky – I don’t really care what it is was that made sure were weren’t there, I’m just glad we missed it all… the sudden downpour, the lighting striking the tree and setting it on fire, the fence going up in flames, engulfing the whole field… we missed it all.

© 2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved


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