my love…

my love, please

don’t make me do this

wrapped around me like thorns in twine, you

cling to me, my hands scraped and fleeing.

my love, please don’t do this to me

your love was barely enough, it was so close

to enough that we almost worked and you almost stayed

now the nights seem useless and my days are

meandering into each other and I feel so alone, you always

promised to never leave me. and

now, my love, here we are and

we are trying to escape each other but the cruel bonds

we created feel like nooses tightening and we just can’t break free

so now, my love, we are destroying each other and

i just want you to know, my love, that

i still love you and will always love you, but

please my love, don’t make me do this, don’t

make me be the one to break the connection, to

say the words just harsh enough so you can never look at me

with your eyes sweet and soft and so damn loving…

because my love, I don’t know if I could handle if your eyes –

those perfect breathless blue eyes turn cold and bitter and distant.

but what choice do we have now, my love??

what choice do I have now?


© 2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved


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