sandpaper eyes


I feel you nowhere, sliding

over me like a thin veil

sandpaper eyes

Lemongrass tongue choking- softly

My eardrums dance when you cough

I see you nowhere, hovering

over me like shiny spandex

peeled-paint fingers

Sugarcane body cracking sweetly

My lips palpitate when you blink

I hear you nowhere, dancing

over me like tangled curtains

dilated breaths

Rosemary tears wrapped in lace, sighing

My hands knit air when you speak

I smell you nowhere, whispering

over me like gnarled yarn

spiderweb voice

Cedar-lined ribs collecting stars secretly

My bones ember when you exhale

I taste you nowhere, lingering

over me like charcoal skies

icebox smile

Salted hips carve mountains, swaying

My thighs melt when you hesitate

I want you nowhere, echoing

over me like steel drums

seaweed  ears

Cornhusk limbs tangled in streetlights, smiling

My lashes stagger when you vanish

© 2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved



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