conversations with the old lady…

You’re really quite lovely she says, voice cracked with a hoarseness from aging.

And who are you lucky enough to have gotten such long beautiful legs from? Many a women would give their incisors for those legs, you know.

I nod slightly, eyes cast down as I know who gave me the long limbs… I say nothing more.

And that’s what I like about you, she continues  – you don’t complain one bit.

Smiles at me, breath stale with no traces of youth left. She lets her eyes sparkle as she says this:

You are almost too tall for men, aren’t you? You might be able to find a good one, but it’ll be hard.

Indeed it will be, I nod softly.

Her eyes land on mine, the wisdom of her years I now see betray her.

She’s only 5’1 she continues… no mention of any good men in her life.

© 2017 erin hoffman – all rights reserved


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