Some kiss your cheeks and goodnight

There are those days, those moments where little pieces of you break into so many pieces there’s no way to catch them all. There’s no chance of putting them all back together. And there’s a great comfort in breaking apart like that – like maybe all the bitterness and sadness will be left behind like the super fine dust on gravel roads.

… act like you’ve been here before

smile less and dress up some more….

So when the rain pours and the sky breaks open in loud thunderous claps, I won’t be missing you or us or any of it anymore. I have found a special place where the memories can be without the sadness of how it all turned out. And someone out there may think this is about you, and maybe it is, or maybe it’s about all those others you never asked about.

I never, she never, we never looked back

that wasn’t what we were good at

and when it came to love

we were never good enough…

And now there’s a special dance, a groove flowing through my bones, so when I walk down the street or sit in the presence of others living too, I can’t keep my body still. The music, the lyrics and rhythm explode inside of me and I give in. I finally give and stop keeping myself muted and guarded and disconnected. The movement connects with those whose eyes catch mine, those whose eyes can actually see mine. This idea, the reality, of living life with a constant personalized soundtrack running through me finally comes to alive.

…some kiss your cheek and goodnight 

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