Lord Huron in the Morning

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Yes I know love is like a ghost

few have seen it but everyone talks…

Don’t put me in box, tethered to your expectations and ideas… I want to be free to touch the treetops, where my dreams soar above the rainclouds and the fingertips all those I meet push my inhibitions aside ever so slightly.

Don’t tell me a contented life is a life to desire, because I have no interest in that life. My ideas guide me and lead me and most often barely leave my front door. It’s okay to be brave and set your intention to leave the past behind, the world was not meant to be experienced in a single intersection. I do not set goals as a place to land, they merely keep my legs moving and my mind wondering. I let the world influence me, I let the sadness of others impact me, I let the obstacles I step over inspire me. Do not fret that I somehow will get lost, for when your soul is alive there is no need to plug in your GPS.

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